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We are here at the Des Moines Driving Range and Mark Egly Sports to provide you a place to practice and learn the simplest and best ways to perform sports actions at your highest level. If it's a golf club or a bat that's in your hands, we are here to see that you have the most comfortable setting to work on your game and take your game to the highest level of fun and achievement!

When discussing golf lessons, baseball lessons or softball lessons, rarely is it ever discussed that by learning the best way athletically, that it is also the best way for your body to learn to avoid injuries that slow down or end careers. In Des Moines golf lessons and baseball lessons are available in other places, but at no other place are you going to be guaranteed that you are going to learn how to hit draws and straight shots in the air the first day. To hit more forceful and powerful rocket shots off both golf clubs and baseball bats is an objective of day 1! While you're achieving this, you will also be amazed at how great the feeling is, that you attain immediately when hitting a really good shot! WE TEACH OUR STUDENTS TO HAVE MORE FUN and FIND THE JOY OF BEING INVOLVED IN HEALTHY ACTIVITIES!

If your game is baseball or softball, you'll be amazed at how you or your family member starts hitting the ball harder and more consistently the very first day. If arm pain is or has ever been a concern when throwing, we are here to keep you out of doctor's and physical therapy offices. How? With better methods that are healthy, that also enhance your talents and increase arm and body strength through methods and training which are medically and scientifically sound! All this can be done while raising your MPH and gaining control when throwing a ball!

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